Earth to Sky: Connecting with Our Ecosystem
An Environmental Learning Resource for Educators, Families, and Caregivers


Earth to Sky provides learners with a deeper understanding of natural ecosystems, focusing on the interconnections between different forms of life and human communities. The curriculum also encourages the learners to discover their potential in supporting ecosystem health.

Through the Earth to Sky curriculum, learners will better understand:
- The components and structure of natural ecoystems;
- The relationship between human communities and ecosystem functions;
- Pathways for supporting ecosystem health at a personal and community level.

Structure & Modules

Earth to Sky is presented in four modules that explore a variety of ecosystem actors. Access each module's content through the links below:
- MODULE 1: Bees & Other Pollinators
- MODULE 2: Plants & Our Stories
- MODULE 3: Mushrooms: Touring the Fungi Kingdom
- MODULE 4: Back to Earth: Understanding Our Soil

The program is designed for remote or home-based instruction, though the curriculum is also adaptable to classroom learning. Each module offers tiered exercises for Early (target age 5), Intermediate (target age 10), and Advanced (target age 15) learners, with activities that also allow for instructional scaffolding in multi-age settings.

All program materials are publicly available for use and distribution for any purpose at no cost. Many program exercises link to external websites that provide learners with both an understanding of the professional resources available on environmental topics and an appreciation for the variety of nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and advocates working on environmental questions and issues. Salt Tree Art makes no claim to these websites; the author or organization responsible for the resource is acknowledged and credited within each exercise. While available within the public domain, these external resources may maintain their own copyrights and fair use policies if you are using this curriculum for commercial purposes.

About Us

Salt Tree Art creates rich community spaces and experiences that unite arts and ecology in unexpected, educational, and inspiring ways. By using creative processes to integrate natural and social systems, we aspire to revitalize the links between our environment and human communities.

Salt Tree Art is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and a New York State registered public charity focused on advancing environmental arts. For more information about our organization and our projects, visit our website at