Explorations for a Regenerative Future

Education & Advocacy

Salt Tree Art develops creative approaches for environmental education and for calls to action on environmental challenges. Through educational programs and open dialogue, we seek to introduce the public to regenerative design concepts, explore ecology through art, and encourage interdisciplinary collaboration on ecological issues.

What Does Our Education & Advocacy Look Like?

Sample Projects


An edible mushroom sculpture experiment that combined community arts, citizen science, and soil improvement.

Earth to Sky

An environmental learning resource for educators, families, and caregivers fostering a deeper understanding of natural ecosystems through remote education exercises.

Eco-Puppetry Project

Salt Tree Art creates and supports works with ecology-themed puppetry and sustainably constructed puppets as a tool for making complex environmental topics more accessible for youth and the general public. This selected video of Succession from our 2020 Eco-Puppetry Festival shows use of crankie-style shadow puppetry to introduce the concept of ecological succession.

Fall Festoon

A digital festival in celebration of the honey bee. The event included live discussion broadcasts, activities, and art as pathways for pollinator education and and pollinator protection advocacy in an online environment.

Public Outreach & Advocacy Supports

Salt Tree Art’s collective of creative professionals conduct educational outreach through lectures, public workshops, and issue-based advocacy. The photo found above shows Salt Tree Art’s Brian Soliwoda lecturing on regenerative art at the Northeast Organic Farming Association’s annual conference, at which Salt Tree Art has presented since 2017. Salt Tree Art actively seeks opportunities to leverage our knowledge and resources in service to arts, ecology, and our communities.