Wind and Waves

LaGuardia Airport, January 2019 - March 2019

Salt Tree Art co-founder Brian Soliwoda will be in residency at LaGuardia Airport’s historic Marine Air Terminal (Terminal A) from January to March 2019.

During the residency, Brian will be collecting and sharing stories about seeds and vegetation in travel or migration. Seeds from each story will be embedded into a “clipper” sailing ship sculpture to be built over the residency’s three months, in homage to the nautical origins of the seaplanes for which the Marine Air Terminal was initially designed, and as a symbol of New York City’s diversity and unity.

The sculpture will be composed entirely of organic materials (papier-mâché compounds, organic dyes, and biodegradable fabrics), allowing the entire work to be planted into a community space at the conclusion of the residency, blooming into a “Garden of Transportation” in the spring.