Earth to Sky: Connecting with Our Ecosystem
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MODULE 4: Back to Earth: Understanding Our Soil


Soil is a living component of our ecosystem, serving as a balanced biome of plant, animal, bacterial, and fungal life. Soil provides a structure through which most natural processes cycle and by which most terrestrial life survives.

Learning Objectives

Learners will:
- Understand soil and its role in the ecosystem;
- Recognize the role of soil in human activities, as well as appreciate its role in our agricultural history and future;
- Understand how to promote and preserve soil health.

Exercise Pathways & Materials

Exercises can be completed as an ordered curriculum offering. Some can be used as standalone activities, though some exercises make connections to preceding modules and exercises. Exercises from different learner pathways can also be mixed to create a customized curriculum. All exercises are available through the links below:

Early LearnersIntermediate LearnersAdvanced Learners
<-- Get Dirty -->
Mud PieMud Pie RecipeMud Pie Math
Dirt DanceSoil CyclesSoil Cycles: Inputs & Outputs
<-- Farm Innovations Coloring -->Green Revolution: Results & Problems
Mud PaintsSoil MatchLocal Soils: Using the Web Soil Survey
Carbon CatchCarbon CatchersCarbon Sequestration
Compost: Yes or No?Building CompostUnderstanding Compost
Hugelkultur <-- Advertise for Hugelkultur -->
<-- Dirt Defender Pledge -->