Earth to Sky: Connecting with Our Ecosystem
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MODULE 3: Mushrooms: Touring the Fungi Kingdom


Fungi are a key part of healthy ecosystems. They connect the plant world through incredible communication networks of mycelium, they decompose old organic matter to feed forest floors and make room for new plant life, and they provide humans with many resources, from food and medicines, to fabrics and building materials.

Learning Objectives

Learners will:
- Understand the form and behavior of mushrooms and other fungal structures in ecosystems;
- Recognize the important role of mushrooms for humans as a material resource and as an inspiration in design;
- Understand the function of fungus in ecological health and know how to maintain mushroom-friendly ecosystems.

Exercise Pathways & Materials

Exercises can be completed as an ordered curriculum offering. Some can be used as standalone activities, though some exercises make connections to preceding modules and exercises. Exercises from different learner pathways can also be mixed to create a customized curriculum. All exercises are available through the links below:

Early LearnersIntermediate LearnersAdvanced Learners
<-- Mushroom Parts Coloring -->Understanding the World of Fungi
<-- Mushroom Stamp Art -->Mycelium: A Natural Network for Communication & Trade
Fungi ConnectionsMycelium NetworksMycelium Resilience: Testing Network Strength
Mushroom Hero!Mushroom Hero MazeMushroom Solutions: Designing an Experiment
Mushroom Shape FindingMushroom MimicsMushroom Muses: Inspiration from the Fungi Kingdom
Mushroom HuntFungi Tic-Tac-ToeMeeting Your Local Mushrooms
Mushroom JobsMushroom MusesMushroom Culture: Finding Fungi in Everyday Life
<-- Mushroom Products -->Mushroom Manufacturing: Making Products from Fungi
<-- Friend of Fungi Pledge -->