Earth to Sky: Connecting with Our Ecosystem
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MODULE 2: Plants & Our Stories


Plant life is crucial to all of the essential ecological systems on Earth. Oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, water, and nutrients all rely on plants in order to cycle through our environment. Plants have also played a fundamental role in human communities for the food and resources they provide, as well as for our social and cultural connections to them.

Learning Objectives

Learners will:
- Understand the structure of plants and their relationship to other ecosystem components;
- Recognize the historical and social connections between plants and human communities;
- Know how to support healthy plant communities.

Exercise Pathways & Materials

Exercises can be completed as an ordered curriculum offering. Some can be used as standalone activities, though some exercises make connections to preceding modules and exercises. Exercises from different learner pathways can also be mixed to create a customized curriculum. All exercises are available through the links below:

Early LearnersIntermediate LearnersAdvanced Learners
Seed Packet MatchingSeed Packet Card SetPlant Connections: Creating Phylogenetic Trees
Seed SequencePlant CyclePlant Propagation
Plant Parts: Shape MatchingMaple MathUnderstanding Plants: Ecosystem Services
Seed DanceSeed DanceSeed Dance: Seed Dispersal Through Movement
Find SeedsStart a PlantPlant Epidemics: Collapse & Revival of Critical Plant Species
Seed StoriesPlant StoriesPlant Stories
Plant Travels ColoringPainting Plant TravelersInvasive Plants
Plant Pals ColoringPlant PalsPlant Travelers
<-- Tree Stewardship Pledge -->
Find Plant PartsEcosystem Observation 2Ecosystem Observation
Plant CollagePlant Community CollageFriends & Foes: Designing an Edible Garden