Ecopolis Exhibition
(Queens, New York ◦ November 2019)

An immersive, creative showcase for urban environmental art.


Salt Tree Art concluded its second season with Ecopolis, a showcase of urban ecology concepts from a creative perspective. Hosted on the grounds of the Smiling Hogshead Ranch community farm, Ecopolis created five immersive visual arts environments, each focused on a different urban ecological system: climate, soil, water, food, and energy.

For selected evenings during Ecopolis, live performances brought each exhibition environment to life as attendees explored the exhibition grounds. Through the installations and their performances, participants learned about each of these vital natural systems and how they connect to our urban landscape.

Programme of Artists and Producers

- Brian Soliwoda (Creative Director)

Associate Producers

- Eileen Jurek
- Aldo Barahona
- Daniel Humphries
- Daniel Champoli

Dance and Performance

- Erika Sutter (Choreographer/Dancer)
- Brianna Anderson (Dancer)
- Katie Lowen (Dancer)
- Lai-Lin Robinson (Actor)
- Brian Placcio (Puppetry Design & Construction/Actor)

Sound and Music

- Loclan Mackenzie-Spencer (Composer/Sound Coordinator)
- Ashley Rebecca King (Composer/Musician)
- William Finnegan (Sound Artist)
- Tyler Mashek (Sound Artist)
- Nicholas Enna (Writer)

Visual Arts and Construction

- Matthew Hollis (Artist)
- Priscilla Perez (Artist)
- Kristen Terrana (Artist)

Visual Arts and Construction

- Hannah Bisweski (Untitled)
- Betty T Kao (8th Ocean Body)
- Brian Soliwoda (Comb Over)
- Ashley Rebecca King (Queensborough Bridge)

Visitors listen to storytelling at the Ecopolis seed library, and to music as they prepare for a guided walk through the exhbition.

Partnerships and Supporters

Queens Council on the Arts
This project was made possible in part by the Queens Council on the Arts with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Smiling Hogshead Ranch
An urban farm collective whose mission is to create a culture that empowers and connects our communities through ecology, education and collaboration. Smiling Hogshead Ranch hosted this exhibition within their Long Island City community farm.

With additional support from:
- Anthony Ferrier
- Liz McCabe
- Cherie Chalouhi
- Barry and Adam Rose-Hayes
- Kristen Terrana
- Michael Mastroianni
- Ezerd Land
- Corey J Buttry
- Michelle Pinter-Petrillo
- Eirik Gislason

Gate leading into the exhibition, and a shadow puppetry performance of A Time When New York was Dry at the Croton Subway Station, one of the Ecopolis immersive vignettes.